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Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a movie!

It was an exciting day. I went out with friends and watched two movies today - Don and Jaan-e-man. The former one was an awesome remake, neither too far away from the original Don nor too focused and copied from the original one, and the latter one depicting the many vibrant colors of love.
Although Shahrukh wasn't really a man who should have opted for the role of Don, more so after its having been portrayed by Big B, but still this man did try to do a fabulous work. "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai". And the twist at the end was the most unexpected one. I couldn't have ever guessed that. It was over all good. I like the song - "Aaj ki raat ... " But the Shahrukh as Vijay ( khaiyke paan banaras waala fame) wasn't really comparable to Big B. But I absolutely loved the colors in this song and "Maurya " song. They reminded me of the lovely, fun filled and warm culture of ours. I haven't ever been part of such festivity, but I would always love to be a part of it. Leaving comparisons aside, it was a movie worth a watch.
And Jaan-e-man? Reminded me of mine. Sincerely. How I wish mine was here as well. Anyway, speaking about the movie, it was ok kinds. Akshay Kumar - the nerd was fantastic. And his laugh - "hie hie hie hie" drove me nuts. I've been laughing like that ever since I've reached back home. It was actually good to see Salman in a pretty decent role. And Preity? What say about her? She's "preity" perfect ;). I don't really like her with her hair colored.
It was also good to see the way the movie handled the issue of love - in the sense that it's impossible to forget the person one loves ever. I didn't quite like it's sound track. It was just like you are saying a bunch of words - like a dialog, but not as a song. The first part is fun!
Jaanemann Jaanemannn!
I've been saying that after the movie "hie hie hie hie " Do watch him laugh! I have been trying to locate a video of his laughing. If I get success, I'll put up the link here for sure!
Till my next post, Ciao!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Of now and then

Out of the most versatile statements a human being uses is probably, "When I was ...". Happiness, or regret - we use this so so often. Of now and then, of here and there, of probably everything and nothing, the contrast seems so superficial in its own regards. But still so deep. And possibly true.
Well, the point I am making is despite knowing that this is the moment I have to live, I still don't do it. I would like to substitute someone I know and deeply regard with this "I" in the above statement. Praying to God and keeping faith just vanishes all in but a jiffy, when this outlived "when" comes in out of nowhere, to spoil the hope of today, the gift of today and the excellent aura of now.
I wish believing in God was really the same thing as saying that I believe Him. Or despite not believing in His power one shouldn't really say "Thank You God" when you aren't really content with what He has in store for you.
Whom are you lying to? Whom are you deceiving? He won't be hampered if you don't believe Him and let Him know that.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Diwali !

So the fun filled enthralling day of Diwali has begun (about to end in India ). The best part was that I got to talk to a couple of friends from India. But I am unable to talk to someone :(
Neways, I am hoping people in India must be enjoying their day to the fullest, and as the night takes over, the excitement doubles...
Diwali in India, for us used to be a busy affair - going to people's houses to greet them ... And in the evening, lighting diyas and candles in the vicinity of the house. We celebrated Diwali with our cousins always. So it was 2 times the fun. Play some music on full volume, have fun, dance, masti n dhoom for quite some time till the elder members of the family get back home. Me and my sis used to be dance freaks ;) And then, we would do a collective Pooja. Believe it or not, the Pooja was eagerly awaited, because we performed it together, n moreover it would such a pleasant fun filled atmosphere. It was truly the best part of our celebrations. And a couple of crackers. And then jua. Hehehehehehe...
The ones who didn't know Flash (it's a card game) would pair up with someone and pool in money with that person. All wins and losses were shared equally amonst partners. And with so much to do in a single day, the day would finally be over.. Leaving happy memories, which remain freshly fragrant even today ....
It seems like I've forgotten all the Bhangra I'd learnt while I was in Punjab ...
But it's alright...
Times change, and we change with time (probably).
But I truly miss those times!
I know I don't have a lot of people who read my blog. But all those who do read it once a while, Happy Diwali to all of u...May God bless u all, and may He give u the very best in life. May He take away all your pains, and sufferings, and may he bless and love your loved ones as well !!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I, Me, Myself !

rules of the game: ( I am copying this part from Adi as is :-) )
1. Name the person who tagged you. - Adi
2. Eight things about you. - Here they are:
  • Despite everything good in my life, I complain a lot at times, and experience severe mood swings.
  • I am one of those lucky girls, who has a lovely family who's always supporting her, friends who are almost always there when I need them, a boy friend who makes me feel so special ....
  • My favourite places in the world (which I would love to visit ) are Italy & Paris. And my favourite places which I've already visited are Dalhousie in India, Wales in U.K. and Niagara Falls in Canada.
  • I am capable of hiding my non-physical pain. I am even capable of bearing non-physical pain. But when it comes to physical pain, I truly can't stand it.
  • I am afraid of losing. Be it people, relations, my stuff, or even a game. I don't play the games I don't know as I fear losing. I am not even ready to give them a try for the same reason.
  • At times, I have a very romantic, probably unrealistic idea of things like life, love, relations. At other times, these things intrigue me to the extent that I am lost in the real sense of the word.
  • I have really bad food habits. Healthy food for me is a big no-no! Chocolates act as green vegetables and Maggi acts as proteins for me ;). Fats are like vitamins.
  • I like being tagged, I hate writing about myself in this specific manner and I do tags ( for sure), even if I do them a bit late
3. Tag six people. - I am not really left with a choice of 6 people as I don't even know 6 blogger folks. Anyway, I would like to tag Dee, who's recently put up a blog ( and I would definitely like to know 8 more things things about her). And, remind Peenut that he still has the pending tag to do :-)


Saturday, October 07, 2006

My poems...

I think I've never posted even one of my English poems here.... The reason being that

is where i post them! I would love it if you all read them, n comment/critique them, if possible. They are just a few of them there.....
Take care all,
Have a great long weekend!!



One of my favourite times of the years is October. Not because of my birthday alone, but also because it brings the dry yet absolutely beautiful season of autumn along with it.
There's a pain that I associate with autumn. That's the pain of departure. The departure of the leaves from the branches of the tree. But I also don't know despite this pain, the down-fall makes the leaves so very graceful. And so colorful. Not the colors of black and white. But yellow, orange, maroon, red, and ofcourse green. The world looks a lot more vibrant than summers. And with a sweet, romantically tantalizing and a bit of chilliness in the air, it all makes the atmosphere so very perfect.
As I travel everyday along the same route to my university, I think that today definitely, I am going to write about this awesome fall, but then, as I head home, I am lost in the beauty of the night and then, I wish that may this journey never end. But then, that's a journey whose destination I know. And there are those journeys far more important than that one, yet I don't know the destination.

yeh manzilein aur yeh safar
yeh sapne aur yeh sehar,
ke kaash hum jaan paate
aghaz yeh hai toh anjaam kya hoga,
ke kaash hum pehchaan paate
yeh sahi hai ya sahi kuch aur hoga ....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A day comes n goes!!!

Amongst joys, wishes, treats, hugs, kisses, cakes, sweets, miracles, prayers lies a truth - a birthday! I wait eagerly for this day to come, just to see me celebrate it alone. Just to see that it is 12:20 am in the middle of the night, and here I sit beside my laptop - lonely as always, waiting and wishing for a live soul to wish me. To wish me joy, happiness, luck. To pray for me.
Probably my Indian friends would call in the morning. But then, I won't be home. Why do they forget that even I am busy in the day time. Or perhaps they forget something else.
And the Canadian friends? Well, why would they remember? Even if someone told them in the morning that it was my special day tomorrow.
Some messages on orkut from acquaintances and from a couple of friends as well. It's just a very formal wish. But I am not complaining for that. A wish is a wish, after all!
But probably the day has just started. And may be I am being too kiddish and demanding. But................
Let's leave all that. What's in a wish?
mmmmmmm, let's discuss about my resolution this year. It's so hard first of all, to make a resolution and then to keep it. I am planning to stop cribbing about people who don't give a damn about me. You need me, feel more than welcome to come and ask me for it. I'd be only too glad to help you out. In return, I promise myself, I wouldn't look back upon you to help me when I need it, or even be there for me. Or think that I exist. I am also planning to think more positively, find my lost self again. While it is so hard to keep my resolutions, I'll try to adhere to them.
That being all for an exam - filled, wait filled b'day bash at my end!!!
Cheers all those who celebrate the same b'day as me, hav a lovely day and a lovely year ahead... May God bless you all, and may you have a fun-filled and memorable day...

And all of you, who have joined me here for a b'day treat, that's for u .......

Have Fun!!!!!!!