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Friday, March 31, 2006

My personality type!!

I tried this twice, with different number of questions, each time i got the same result!!! Try what you get...

Cigarette smoking: eeeeeeeeeeek

One of the things I would hate to be able to tolerate ever is cigarette smoking. And it is the same thing that I hate about Canada most. The forget that this is what the take in when they smoke... And trust me, these aren't meant to be inhaled...

It bothers me more than any other thing. People are so hell addicted to this... They can not sit for an hour in the labs. without going outside to smoke once. 20 % of Canadian population is statistically known to smoke.. and this is a decrease since 2000, when abt 25 % of it was a victim of this... I still doubt the 20% figure as for me it(the figure) should be more ... Well, at least I am glad smoking is banned inside closed places.... Well, there are special areas inside restaurants and coffee houses designated as "smoking areas" approved by law... This is how much they are affected by it...


Not all people can quit smoking.Even though they want to stop they can't, because when the nicotine is in your blood , your body needs the nicoline in order to survive.

Well, true that we all have to die once.. but this means an early death.. and not only does it hamper your being, it also has an additional danger to those who are near to you... Who might want to live, who would be suffering the consequences of smokers via smoke that is called "passive smoke"...

An appeal:

Do not spoil your and other people's lives by smoking. Avoid it altogether.. Life has more meaning to it and value to it than a puff of cigarette ....


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Talked to someone!!

I am feeling a bit relieved...
I talked to a friend about my guy... after i should probably say a year!! well no, it is nt that i talked to him after a year, bt it is that i ve not talked abt him to anybody... since a year... well i never thought he would understand (he is one of those kinds who laughs always!) , but he did, well at least i guess he did, n he said that he'd pray for me, n that his prayers are always accepted... All I could say is Amen!
he said, keep faith in love... Yes agreed to that, but what about our customs and traditions?? Better take heed of them too right? Well, yes he understood... i always say to him that u r lucky, coz he is engaged to the girl he's loved... n i think today he'd understand what I meant by saying that he is lucky n nt everyone is.... n i think today he'd understand what my poems meant....
He is the only friend I have in Canada. I know i ve taken quite a time to speak up... bt i think it shud be that ways... n i do not know why he is my friend... may be outta sympathy.... but the thing is, he always makes me laugh when he is around... he is capable of laughing 24X7 .... which is the reason i like being with him... Thanks Rahim for talking to me, for being my only friend, for making me laugh... for taking the bus with me... it helps me...helps me a bit more... thanks for being there...
i know that i am gonna lose u too, as u d be leaving in a year... bt that is a long time to think abt right now...

I actually donno why n how I am surviving, bt as a matter of fact I am, n may be coz of hope.... hoping till it either gets shattered or I have to anyways stop hoping because life is moving the way i hoped it to....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Love Engraved!

Love engraved!

In his life, I was
An open book, which ceases to shut
Stoppeth not by mirth, not by dirt!

An encarved passion
Written to be never erased,
Just one and only one to whom he said, "I love you"

My feelings for you are so pure and true....
Believe me I love you just the way you do.

Yes, you've held my hand at scaring heights
Our love is of what I now write....

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Friday, March 24, 2006


( I am posting one of adi's comments here... )
adi said...
chote se ek akshar mein kho di poori zindagi maine,

"ek din yun hi hua mann
pyaar kya hai, chalo jaane hum
nikal pade ghar se
jahan bhi le gaye kadam
pyaar mila bhi aur nahi bhi, yeh to pata nahi
par mil gaye bahut saare gum"

aaj sirf woh gum hai, pyar nahi...
aaj sirf woh hain, hum nahi

chote se ek akshar mein kho di poori zindagi maine,
chote se ek akshar mein pa li poori bandagi maine

3/24/2006 7:44 AM

I appreciate ur thoughts... may be i think different from u for this.... n here it is...

ek chhote se shabd mein jee li poori zindagi maine,

ek din yun hi
pyaar ne aakaar thama daaman
bahut khush tha yeh mann,
socha yehi woh lamhe hain
jinka intezaar tha
na maloom tha woh pyaar hi tha
pyaar be humein kuch is kadar chhua
ghamon se phir saamna na hua...

woh kareeb nahi, sirf pyaar hai
woh saath nahi, sirf yaad hai....

ek chhote se shabd mein jee li poori zindagi maine,
ek chhote se safar mein paa li ek manzil maine....

( i hope that u didn't mind my doing that... copying n changing this... if u did, pls let me know, i didnt intend to hurt u adi... i ll erase this ....)

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

To love or be loved...

It remains to be decided whether loving is more satisfied or being loved is... sure someone has said " To love is nothing, to be loved is something and to love and be loved is everything!!" aur bahut khoob kaha hai... but anyways...
" Don't find love, let love find you,that's why it's called falling in love because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall..... "
n may be it is called falling in love coz u have to leave ur ego n fall off ur level to understand and be at the level of the person you love...

koi pyaar kare toh tumse kare,
tum jaise ho waise kare,
koi tumhe badal kar pyaar kare,
toh woh pyaar nahi, sauda kare
aur sahiba, pyaar mein sauda nahi hota.....


Saturday, March 18, 2006


ज़िन्दगी का सफ़र तो गुज़र जायेगा,
मन्ज़िलें और काफ़िले न रुकेंगे,
मौजों को साहिल न भी न मिला तो क्या,
वो न रुके है न रुकेंगे ।

कह्ते हैं हँसते-हँसते कट जायेगा यह सफ़र,
अंधेरों से जीत कर होती है फिर सेहर,
राहों में आयी मुश्किलों को पार कर लोगे,
तब आयेगी तुम्हारे इन्तेज़ार में खड़ी मँज़िल नज़र ।

काफ़िर जान ले यह सच ज़िंदगी के,
न जाये ज़िन्दगी कि यह लेहर बह,
सोचो मत क्या हुआ है अब तक,
उसके बारे में सोचो जो रह गया है ।

उजालों का इंतेज़ार करते करते
रात की तारीखी में कहीं खो न जाना,
ज़िन्दगी के ग़मों को याद करते करते,
वो हँसी के पलों को कभी ना भुलाना ।

12 मार्च 2006

Life is a topic, oh well nt a topic, something that i ve loved to write about always! And here is another one, a further step on its journey in life....
I know I must have made a lot of spelling mistakes, n a lot of other errors in this...excuse me for this ... I am pretty new to writing poetry in hindi , just about 4-5 months old... though i ve explored my passion for writing in English for abt 5 years now! Any help, suggestions, corrections highly appreciated....
P.S. : Thanks Adi, for suggesting me how this was to be done. I always wrote my Hindi stuff in English but it somehow lacked the flavour!!

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

tagged before i have been blogging here :tagged By Adi

it kinda strange?? I'vent really been on blogspot for more than 20 days or so, n with just 1 post here, n i already got tagged.... hmm ok, here is this anonymous gal writing her 7 things:

7 Things To Do Before I die:

1) adopt a child ( have had that passion for about 3 years now.... it just planted a seed in me, n i hope i d be able to realize this before i die... )
2) get published ( want people to read wt i m made up of... what i think, what i feel, what matters, what is crappy )
3) make loads of friends who'd remember me forever ( i crave for that every moment)
4) love till the day i lay dead ( that is what makes me go on)
5) go to italy ( donno why, but m passionate abt Italy)
6) try to see the bright sides of things ( i hope God helps me with that)
7) ( have to think a lot ...before this one comes up...let us see... ) question and find out the meaning of life, all its odds and ends... everything abt it...

Seven Things I can't Do:

1) forget the ones I love n forget to miss them!!
2) forget to eat, to breathe
3) forget what my family means to me n what they have done for me
4) i can't live without music ....i got to listen to it...whenever i get a chance that is...
5) i can't see someone who is in pain and try not to do anything abt it...
6) i can't think about a future that is not the way i want it to be, the way i ve planned it to be, else i know not what I ll do ( move on ofcourse...adjust ofcourse... guessing m used to it ...u have to u know...ALWAYS!!!! )
7) i can't concentrate on my studies or as a matter of fact anything that isn't interesting TO ME :) ... for a long time...
(there are a lot of other things i believe i can't do besides these 7 things... n i ll put up a couple of more here)
8) i can't help making others understand how things are n how they go on n how life moves on n how we have to move on with it, but i can't possibly seem to understand it quite myself .... m trying hard with it though!!
9) i can't stop expressing myself in words, in poetry... m just so obsessed by it...
10) i can't stop remembering n missing my past...
11) I can't stop craving, for things gone by, things that never will happen...
( i know they are a lot of weeknesses in me, bt the thing is, i m actually trying to correct some of them )

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Mate:

1) lots n lots n lots of love plus a perfect blend of practicality
2) his lovely jokes to keep us laughing together on the road of life
3) like-mindedness to an extent and differences ( nt a lot though) to an extent
4) him being there for me when i need him n ofcourse same frm my end too
5) him being a romantic just like me...
6) passion in his voice and eyes, abt his love for me ... so that i know when he is going to say those 3 magical wonderful words to me ( beforehand ) .... n i cud tease him all the more
7) should be a "bit" dependent on least in some way, bt be naive enough to move on in my absence too... i know i m being selfish in stating that he shud be dependent on m a human...with both good n bad desires....
n yes, i guess his willingness to accept an adopted kid also counts.....( i know this ain't included in this , bt it is important too...atleast for me )

Seven Books I Loved:

1) The Alchemist by Paul Coelho ( i ve loved that book coz of its simplicity n great idea )
2) David Copperfield by Charles Dickens ( a classic book...i ve read it an uncountable no. of times till now. just love it )
3) Illusions by Richard Bach ( very hard to understand what it is saying when u r reading it for the first u get the essence after u r mid way thru it )
4) You Can Win by Shiv Khera ( probably the only non fiction i ve read ....n ive loved it for the encouraging stories n also for the way the book has been printed...that matters for me .....)
5) Miss You Forever by Josephine Cox ( i think a not so popular author, yet i got hold of the book coz of the print ...haha...a major influencial factor for me ... bt it ws one of those books i read without wanting to stop )
6) Sons of Fortune by Jeffery Archer ( a nice novel with a good plot)
7) (again stuck on the 7th ... ) hmmmm I'd say Little Women, by Louisa Mary Alcott ( a book that tells u that u r n't the only one who has troubles... look out into the world...see how they are facing things... which are probably worse than urs...n how they cope with life... i ve n't read a bigggg version of it yet, will do it some time ...whenever i get time... )

Seven Things I Say:
1) Yeah right! ( sarcastic )
2) Thanks :) (friends hate me for that :P)
3) Sorry about that
4) Sweetie
5) I donno!
6) How is life treating u?
7) Ohho!!

Seven Movies I've Loved:
(not a movie freak! bt do watch movies occasionally)
1) DDLJ ( my all time favourite... m a shahrukh freak n this ws the movie that made me such a fan of him!)
2) Mujhse Dosti Karoge ( well , mujhse dosti karoge??? )
3) Hungama ( can't stop laughing on that one)
4) Rang de Basanti ( the latest i ve watched ....n it has kinda instilled a gr8 feeling of being an Indian .... love my India)
5) Baby's Day Out ( all time favourites)
6) DTPH ( for keeping alive our faith in the miracles of love...though i doubt they happen in this rather "practical" world of ours )
7) Dead Poets' Society ( loved it for its simple theme... n beautiful portrayal )

Seven People To Tag:
I do not know any people here anywhere.... bt i ll probably fill this one when i get to know people whom I could tag!! the ones i want to tag wouldn't know that I blog too.. haha...
i hope Adi , u won't mind my filling this part later on!!
Phew!! it took me a lot of time to get this done!! hmm never thought i had my list of those "7" things too....haha...