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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Good bye 2006 - Reflections

With grace will I let the 2006 go; afterall there's nothing I could have asked more from God. It was a complete fulfilling year for me.
The year 2006 started with a blast. And I literally mean it. It was about some course issue, and the prof. had created an issue on January 1st, 2006. Oh My God!! What traumatic (almost) 15 days had been then! But I am actually glad the ending wasn't that horrifying.
There were more traumatizing things at that time. My never-stopping-to-think-mind to add to everything. I'll never forget that time. At least it caused me to think for what I wanted, and what I needed as well. Time moving on, sadness walking with me as my shadow, crucial decisions haunting me every single while - that was the start of the year.
But then, times change, and we change with time. A 6th grader had taught me that when I was in grade 9th. And I realise that now - it holds so true. Then came on the time when everything I saw got a new look on it. I had my sweetheart. I too had someone to call my sweetheart. I was a lot more happier. I could see problems waving away their hands from me. I wasn't alone anymore. And after that was the time when I even had friends. Here, with me. A year of sheer and complete loneliness before now, but Oh! how things change when you are in love. And I've experienced the change. I love it.
Every single day. Every single moment. ;)
I had a great summer school. The school wasn't as great as the summer - it was filled with brighter colors, happier thoughts and merrier me. I had gotten friends in Canada as well now. Good summer school results, followed by a more fun filled Fall term. I've loved week days more than weekends in the Fall for obvious reasons. And I've loved him more with each passing day.
One thing still remains to be changed. One thing, and perhaps the only thing in my life which has forgotten to smile even in this year. Lord knows how precious that smile is for me. And I do pray to Him, to return that one smile to us. To shower his blessings so that I could see not only smiles but also giggles.
As we all turn our backs on the year 2006, I pray to God to sprinkle happiness on every soul on this earth so much so that humans never find themselves drunk in sorrow. I pray to God to make every person see the beauty of today and of what we all have. I pray to God to love my friends and bless them, because they all are so special in my life. I couldn't have been what i am save for them.
I pray to God to keep him safe and successful, and may all his sorrows be mine forever. I pray that the only time there are tears in his eyes is the time when he's filled with utmost happiness.
I pray that my family, who's always stood beside me during every walk of my life, be blessed for ages to come. I pray God, for them so that they never have to see the face of sadness in life. I love them, and more than anything else, and their happiness is my world.

I wish you all a fantastic year ahead! And a fantastic life ahead! My friends! Don't ever leave me, I can't manage things without you guys out there!
God bless you all... Hope you all have a blast on New Year ...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

They call him love

The one who has been captured
Like a fresh fragrant dream,
The one who came, who saw
And the one who conquered,
The one who walked with me
When I was sad, and tired,
As peaceful as the moon who is
And as harmless as the dove
They call him love, my love.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Changes .....

The easiest thing in the world to be is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don't let them put you in that position.

Leo Buscaglia
Oh! how I want to expand on this quote. It's felt like I wrote that down. Or that it was meant to be written for me .... I caught hold of it from Peenut's blog.
Thanks to the one who wrote it down for me, as I never would have gathered courage to write that down for myself ... n thanks to my buddy who let me pick this quote from his blog.

Well, I don't really wanna say more, but I have been feeling a bit pathetic ....


Woh ...

Ek ehsaas hai woh
Darr hai kahin kho na dun usse
Ek khwaab hai woh
Darr hai neend se na uthana mujhe

Ek kaayam waayde ki tarah
Ek saathi ek saaye ki tarah
Mere saath mein hai chalta woh
Mere wajood mein hai milta woh

Yun ruke hue se raaste
Yun thode badhe hue se faasle
Gunguna kar jaate hain chupke se
Abhi kuch der mein hai sehar

Pyaar hai uski pukar se
Pyaar hai uske pyaar se
Pyaar hai uski shararat se
Aur halki si muskurahat se

Ae khuda mujhe maaf kar dena
Tera sajda is tarah na kar paoon
Ki uski adalat mein ek mujarim
Karaar ho jaon aur wohi reh jaoon...

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