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Saturday, June 23, 2007


What do you do when someone tells you that's he's very disappointed with you because of a decision you took? What do you do when life's at a place where someone has to sacrifice because of you? What do you do when relations are built forcefully rather than happily? What do you do when you know that some decisions are going to have an adverse affect on everything forever? What do you do when someone needs you but you aren't there for them even when you want to be?

Can you please replace the "you" with "me" up there? Can you care to answer me?

Can I go to hell?


  • as long as we r here, u can't

    stay put

    and fight

    till it lasts

    either u or the nemesis

    By Blogger adi, at 6/23/2007 1:32 AM  

  • You will NOT go to hell. You are human. You will make mistakes. You may even consciously do something that you know is wrong. We ALL do that! It is part of the human condition. Does it excuse it? No. But does it entitle you to a lifetime of bleeding and regret? No. I cannot tell you in one comment or even a book how much stupid shit I have done that has hurt others and myself. I am not heartless, but wallowing in guilt actually gives the deed victory. The fact that you feel something about it says that you are good. Forgive yourself. That can be tougher than forgiving someone that wrongs us (working on that one), but I wouldn't write this if I weren't moved. Everything feels like shit, but life goes on. Hang in there and pardon the cliche.

    By Blogger Enemy of the Republic, at 6/23/2007 4:32 PM  

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