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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Hell can't be worse for sure. And dying once can't be different than dying every single day.
The eyes are tired of crying and waiting. They see everything blurred now and they don't seem to need sleep now. They are accustomed to not sleeping now. They like the dark. Well no, they don't like the dark. Nobody likes dark. They just aren't scared enough to close themselves in the dark. The lips only know what a fake smile is. The words have dried up as though the sun's been really harsh on the oasis.
The stomach's getting used to the bare requirement of 1 meal a day. And numerous coffees. The feeling of giddiness lingers on, till I guess it would also be a part of the regular day to day activities. The tongue is getting used to lying. The heart is getting used to the pain. The brain is still functioning the same way - it still thinks. What it thinks now is certainly different from what it used to. It is learning how and what things matter. It is seeing the difference between the truth that is spoken and the truth that prevails.



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