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Friday, June 15, 2007

The world of pretense

I pretend a smile when I don't feel like it
I pretend a tear when I can't do without it
I pretend calm when only that can help
I pretend a quite and no one can tell.

This world and its beings
Are unhappy in the happy
And happiness seems a lie.

This world and its beings
Are satisfied wih false praises
And I can't damn understand why.

This world and its beings
Are incapable of talking truth
'Cause truth is so dry.

Can you feel and can't you feel
Is it really there or really not there
Two questions and we get one answer.

Feelings and realities
Emotions and expressions
Two diferent things but we get one definition

This world of pretense
Will not change sometime soon
As it is the source of a lot of happiness...

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