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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Off and on

Thanks to all the people who've been enquiring about me ... :)
Nothing serious I assure you - it's just that my mind wanders farther than it should. Just that my heart doesn't want to believe the things my mind "confirms" ....
This post is just to make you acquainted with whatever's going on in my life on a very exterior level. My studies at University are done; I am expecting my grades in about a week from now and I am expecting to graduate in June, meaning I'll be (hopefully) having my convocation in June. Before I was done with school, I had a job offer in my hands, so I have been working full time for a month now. My position was a contract position initially, which was expected to end in October. But things had been going really well, so I had been offered a full time position at the place in my 3rd week of work.
And it wasn't unevitable of people to ask, "tumhare paas paisa hai, pyaar hai, degree hai, naukri hai - What else do you need to be happy?" Human wants and desires keep on exceeding depending on how much more they are getting. God knows that there's just one thing that I've asked from Him since I don't know how long. But as some of my posts imprudently blurt out, He's unlistening these days.
Leaving that aside, my journey to my workplace and back takes about 3 hours in all and that possibly means three hours of my life daily Monday to Friday are wasted in nothing but watching people monotonously and smelling various scents in the more-than-needed warm buses. But I've decided to utilize that time slot by doing some reading, which as a habit had been long forgotten during the course of my higher education. I've finished reading "Londonstani" by Gautam Malkani and "Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho. Now I've gotten back to the classic by Jane Austen, "Pride and Prejudice". Oh! and I must speak highly of the way she writes.
I've watched some movies recently. Ta Ra Rum Pum left me in a terrible mood, because it dawned upon me that not everyone is destined to win in this destitute life, and that not every father can win a car race when it is the one thing he'd most desperately be wanting for whatever reasons. Every father tries, but there's really something with God. He chooses some "Champ's" father to win and some "Non-Champ's" father to lose or keep on fighting for Non-Champ for the rest of his life.

And I guess, that's it... Wishing you all survived this storm of feelings and realities.... Cheers all!!!!



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