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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Neend ya khwaab ?

For the past some days, my MSN and GTalk carry a message "dekhte hain pehle kaun aata hai - neend ya khwaab"

Khwaab is more real than the most realistic dream i've dreamt of... And neend ofcourse is self-explanatory.

At this time of the day (umm, night, i'd rather say it to be), when I am exhausted after a hectic day at work and travel, I do sincerely wait for whoever comes first to me - my dream or my sleep. It's so happening that sleep's faster to come almost every single day ... and the coming of dream before sleep actually takes me by surprise, rare as it may be, but whenever that happens.

Does sleep care more for me so as to approach me and caress me tenderly? I dare not think that, because it is but the dream that I wait for. Dream's disappointing.

It's 2:06 a.m. EST, Saturday 12th May, 2007. Sleep's been enticing me for the past one hour and a half. But the hope of being with the dream before I go to sleep has, like most other days, been shattered.

Dream doesn't care I guess. Dream's going to be there even when sleep is there (even though that would be an unconscious and unaware-of presence) ; so perhaps it doesn't care as much as I would love it to.

2:11 a.m. Good Night World!


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