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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A happier family

His eyes are empty; they are fed up of trying to say something and of seeing others being unwary of him wanting to say something. Her eyes speak of a dilemma and of some unavoidable doom. Their daughter's eyes are one of those know-it-all-but-helpless pairs. She has to get married after all. She has to go to "her own home" one day. Her mum wasn't like other mums. Her mum was happy when she was born; her mum let her have well, quite an independent life. But it turned out that a girl's mother is still a girl's mother.
A daughter is not a son after all. A daughter would leave them struggling with their lives; a son wouldn't have. A daughter would make some other home her home worrying about their problems rather than her own home's problems; a son wouldn't. A daughter would pay off for what she has learnt from her parents in an entirely different world; a son wouldn't. A daughter would go to the land of her dreams someday and kind of forget that her parents are in the land of scorching bright sun and sun burns that would probably take forever to heal; a son wouldn't.
And then, there is something with her parent's best friend. He is an egoist at heart, a scoundrel in guise. He's pretty well off to ask for any help from them; but also he ain't there when they needs help. And their faith in him is strong. Why can't they see there's no one else responsible for their lives and it's voluptuous turns? Why can't they see its him and his evil mastermind planning to rip them off once again? The girl is certainly going to murder him some day if he already ain't killed by someone else for his mischievous and exasperating deeds.
She's waiting. And wishing. They'd all have been happier with her being a guy. The killing would be easier too. She had had friends who'd killed their version of such a best friend. And there are secrets you or I don't know and we can safely presume, can never know. Secrets that would probably go with her.


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